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Sizing and fitting goes as follows:

Small fits waists 29-32 , the real sweet spot is for waists 30.

Medium we’d recommend waist sizes 32-34, although if you like a slightly tighter fit, try out the S. Don’t like it? We’ll return it.

Large fits 34 and 36 waist sizes

XL are ideal for 36-38 waist sizes

Our main sizing tip..

Check your jean sizing labels before buying for reference to numerical sizing at the top of the page


Our shorts are Mid-Length. This means they are neither very Short nor very Long. For short shorts think of a marathon runner, those are pretty short. For a long short, think board shorts – passing the knee.

We spent a long time finding the elusive sweet spot, check out our campaign and Instagram to see how people of different sizes and shapes fit the shorts.

Now Go and Enjoy Your Shorts!